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14 January, 2013


Making It Through Life's Trials Together! Happy New Year EVERYONE!!! Well if You're reading this Post then You are ALIVE AMEN?? Our GOD the Creator of Our Inner & Outer Being is such an AMAZING! AWESOME & POWERFUL GOD! All THANKS!!! belong to HIM & HIM ONLY!!! Well I'm happy to See You LOL! We have another chance to Sought out! Get out! & Throw out! all those NEGATIVE things in OUR Life. Rather it be Personal(Physical or Mentally) or Professionally, Let Our NEW YEAR RESOLUTION(s) be to continue working on ALL the POSITIVE things We adapted throughout the years of 2012 & Prior; taking it ONE day at a TIME; Let Us work on ADDING more POSITIVE things to OUR list for the year 2013!!! BY looking back over OUR LIFE, We all know What(s) or Who(s)has helped Us or has been the KEY to Us Pressing & being Successful when it comes to OUR Personal Life & Professional Life in 2012. Let Our as Many say "Out with the OLD & In with the NEW" referring the the Prior YEAR but it should be for the Prior YEARS. So I Thank GOD!!! He allowed You & Me another YEAR/DAY to get it together!! OR as Many would say "Get your House In ORDER!" I'm LOL!! at the Demonic Spirits that tried to hold Us down & back! YES!! all those BRICKS thrown at Us & all the HURDLES we had to Jump just gave US more STRENGTH, POWER & AMMUNITION!! to Make it through this year 2013 AMEN???? Now May GOD's BLESSINGS of LOVE, PEACE, JOY, WEALTH & GOOD HEALTH! shower down upon US in 2013!!!!! MWAH/MUAH.... People LOL!!!! :-)