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02 May, 2011

Thank You President Obama! America is safe Again! Now that Osama Bin Laden is DEAD!

Making It Through Life's Trials Together!

Thanks You President Obama! America can once again feel SAFE! Now that Osama Bin Laden is DEAD! Sleeping in his GRAVE! where he BELONGED for a long time! Now the American People can a little more peaceful at night. Thank You GOD because You knew who to APPOINT to get the JOB done! I Love You God! My Savior Jesus Christ! & You President Obama for following God's Holy Spirit!
To all of you American People who's been Hatting on Our President Obama! you just been Served!!! He accomplished what Our Former President Brush couldn't! even having been elected for a second Term! Thank You President Obama! Yes You Can! & Yes You Did!!!! Slam Dunk! Touch Down! Now America Up date your History Book with this!!! LMBO!!! TOUCH DOWN! SlAM DUNK! All in Your Face LOLOLO!!!! How's that for Our History Books! Make sure You Up date the History Book AMERICA! God Bless America, President Obama, his Family and the American People.