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01 August, 2009

Riffstar! Question? Are We Really Trying to Help One Another Online?

Making It Through Life's Trials Together!


What's Your opinion on Helping One Another? I believe that Helping One means to Support One Another in any little way We can!! I'm always asking for support from Others Online & Some are Suppose to Friends! Just by asking them to go to my Websites or to View a Link but Nobody ever does!!! That's very Disappointing & Discouraging! because this kind of support doesn't Cost You a thing!!!

Now I'm going to try this again by asking for your support in Voting for my Husband who's a Singer and has enter a Singing Contest. Please! Please! Please! support him to help himself to get ahead! Tomorrow it might be You who needs the support!!!! Thanks to all that do! Peace! Love! and Forever Happiness to You All!

Here's the Link: