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11 September, 2008

Our Economy at It's Worse!

Making It Through Life's Trials Together!

Hello! Am I the only One who thinks that Life can't get any better than this!! LOL! LOL! LOL! Hey! We have to find away to laugh about Our today's Economy because that's the only way to stay Alive!!!! I find that Laughter & Prayer is the key for Us these days & times! Research shows that if We keep finding ways to Laugh! and accourse Pray! We can make it through these rough times! Well, Everyday I've been doing it Laughing and Praying and I find it to be true! It's the only thing keeping me Sane and little more Healthier! Yes! I have my Health Problems and I'm Stressed Out like Everyone Else! but if I wasn't Laughing and Praying Everyday my Problems would be Worse! So, My advice to You all is to keep Your Head to the Sky even when You don't feel like it and Find Laughter! God Bless You All! Love Tara