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07 June, 2008

Do You know Any Ordinary People With A Big Heart That's Special to YOU and Others?

Making It Through Life's Trials Together!

I'm starting a Special Page for Ordinary People that are Special to Me and to You! Please No Famous People/Celebrities just Normal People like You and I!

If You are Someone You know should be Added to this list, feel free to leave the information you want Others to know about them, their website,etc. in the comment section to be added to this page.

I like to start off with Somebody who is very Dear to Me and has touched my Heart very Deeply! He constantly reminds me of what True Love,Friendship and Christianity is surpose to be like. He's Encourages Me more than He'll ever know! As a matter of fact his Heart is so Big and he's so Humble that he'll probably wouldn't like the ideal of me adding his name to this list! He's working on a Great project right now! So Please! visit his website and let Others know about him and what he's doing. Please do it for me! Love to You All!

1. Dane Austen

Do You know someone who Sings? An Uprising Star? Is You or Someone You know is trying to making it in the Music Industry but needs more Knowledge and Advice,I know that perfect Someone You can count on to help You reach that Dream/Goal! He's a Music Producer who has been helping Others in the Business for over 20 years! He very wise and truthful and not just that He really cares for People!!

2.) James Moore contact him @

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