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17 March, 2008

Domestic Violence in the World!

I would like to Introduce to You an Non-Profit Organization that's trying to Help Victims of Domestic Violence; Perfect Peace Inc.

Perfect Peace Inc. is an organization designed to help Victims of domestic violence. If you or anyone you know have or had been exposed to abuse in any way, we want to help you by whatever means necessary. We want to be able to give victims some peace of mind while recovering.

THE OWNER OF PERFECT PEACE is a witness that there is life after Domestic Violence! Being a Victim once herself, she can really understand what Victims feel and really relate to what they are going through. Being a victim, she can share with others one on one on how she overcome domestic violence.

There are over 60,000 or more Victims per minute, especially Women and Children all over the World who has been exposed to or becomes a Victim of Domestic Violence. Domestic Violence Crimes/Death are raising greatly in numbers on a Daily basis.

Perfect Peace Inc. Mission is to Educate the Community and the World at large on Domestic Violence. Domestic Violence is mostly hidden in homes, schools and workplaces. Our Teenagers are Victims who choose to not talk about it too!

We'll be providing films, documentary and literature and hire Professional Trainers and/or Role Models of the Community to come in and to speak on the subject at hand regarding past and present outcomes of Domestic Violence and on Violence as a whole. We'll be providing 24 hours Emergency phone numbers for help and one day soon have our own Group Home. We would like to have Special Events for the Community to encourage them to get involved. Whether it's through volunteering their services to Perfect Peace to help assist us in assisting Victims or in whatever our need or Others may be. Another Goal is to provide whatever temporary assistance Victim's may need to get on to a Healthier and better life. Our focus is to provide and assist Victims with a way of escape from their violent Environments and help them to begin a Life of peace, joy and happiness. We'll be working very closely with Law Enforcement and other Agencies with the same Goals and Mission as we have. We realize the importance of Networking to bring Domestic Violence to an End. It's going to take all of Us to do this!!

PERFECT PEACE relies solely on your Donations and/or Contributions. We're asking you to please be supportive. We thank you in advance.

Remember that God loves us all the same. His love for us is pure, kind, gentle, honest and respectful. Always compare this with the love you give and the love that is given to you.

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